Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop Primer / 1st Get Together and Talent Show

El primer Get Together se llevo a cabo en el pueblo de Bayamon el 9 de Julio del 2011. Se presentaron muchos para conocer y compartir el amor por el kpop ese dia y fue estupendo. Hubo muchos bailes y cantos com parte del Primer Talent Show de PRALK y todos salieron de ese lugar queriendo el kpop aun más y con nuevos hermanos y hermanas del kpop. Aquí les presento la galería de fotos del Get Together mas el video de compilación de los bailes que se hicieron en el Get Together.

English: The first kpop Get Together of PRALK took place in Bayamon on July 9, 2011. Many Puerto Rican kpopers came to meet and share the love they have for kpop with each other and it was spectacular. There were many who were part of the First Kpop Talent Show of PRALK and sang and danced their hearts out to their favorite kpop songs.  Many were reluctant to leave because they wanted to spend more time together and I’m sure many came out with brand new kpop friends. Here is a photo gallery of the event plus a video compilation of the Talent Show dance performances of that day.


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