B.A.P meets a Puerto Rican BABY

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In South Korea there is a Live Music Request show called After School Club whose main objective is to communicated with the international kpop fans. The hosts, Eric Nam and Hanbyul, speak English throughout the entire show; with the exception of when they have to interact with the kpop artists that are invited to the show. Fans each week send their applications to be chosen to participate in a live chat using Google Hangouts to interact with their favorite kpop groups.

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The kpop group invited this week to After School Club was B.A.P; who is known for their musicality, professionalism and originality. After School Club received 3,000 applications for the live chat and from those who were chosen to speak with the group was a Puerto Rican BABY. Her name is Sinead Rosario and she is one of the administrators of the Facebook Group called B.A.P RAINSOUNDz Puerto Rico. Sinead was the first one to interact with B.A.P through Google Hangout, and she informed them about the fans they have in Puerto Rico and the radio show K-ZONE.

The program was transmitted live at 4am but here is the video of Sinead’s interaction with B.A.P for those who weren’t able to stay up to see it live. Congrats to Sinead and thank you very much for asking B.A.P to give all the Puerto Rican Baby’s a shout out <3.

Little by little Puerto Rico will leave its mark as a country that does have kpop fans.

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cr: After School Club

cr: After School Club Twitter

cr: arirangworld

cr: @morakirst5


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