Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop: 1st Kpop Festival (English translation of the original article)

Original Article in Spanish

The first ever kpop festival of Puerto Rico was held on July 20th in the Complejo Deportivo and C. Comunal of las Parcelas Soledad in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. We began to organized the festival ever since January 2013 and it was a success thanks to the hard work of the organizers, Kirstie Morales and Sakura Mary, the organizer’s helpers and the 16 groups of fandoms in Puerto Rico and their decision of being part of our festival

and the realization of the responsibility they had to decorate a table that best represented their fandom using their creativity and while at the same time being able to inform the public about their group. We also could not have done it without the help of our hosts, the girls from K-ZONE, who contacted us and offered their help in hosting the festival.

This event has been the biggest we have ever done, and it was a big surprise the amount of people who actually went to the festival last Saturday. There were people from all the areas of the island and we were told that people had decided to rent busses as a group to be able to get to the festival; one bus left from the Plaza Las Americas mall (metro area) and the other from Ponce (south area). What was most surprising was the diversity of ages of the people at the festival. There were parents who not only came, to either support their children’s love for kpop o get to know it, but also to have fun because they were kpop fans as well.

The event started after 10am and the tables were busy for many hours attending the public with information and their sales. For many people, the festival would be the first time they had ever attended a kpop event and it is understandable how busy the tables were. People really took charge in buying kpop merchandise and socializing with each other about their love for kpop.

The K-ZONE girls started the event by interviewing a person from each table in charge of presenting it. This would be a good opportunity for people to get to know them and be able to speak about their future plans for their groups. We gave other fandoms without a table to represent them a chance to speak to the audience as well. After that a series of activities took place to entertain the public such as dance presentations of Super Junior, SNSD and F(x) songs. A group picture was taken with all the people who attended the event, but it’s only fair to say that some were not able to be part of the picture because they were attending to the tables or in line to buy from the PRALK store. But I do believe that they were part of the pictures we took of the fandoms that were present that day. We had a game in which balloons were placed in between a line of 5 people and the goal was to walk together and go around in the space provided and reach the finish line without dropping a balloon. Kind of like Running Man but much easier. The tables of Boice PR (CN BLUE), 2PM PR Hottest, ELF Puerto Rico, SS501 Triple-S PR Fans, TEEN TOP Puerto Rico {ANGELS}, BIGBANG Puerto Rico is VIP, MBLAQ Puerto Rico, B2STPRB2UTY and JYJ Puerto Rico had raffles for all who wanted to participate in winning prices of their fandom and the tables of TEEN TOP Puerto Rico {ANGELS} and SS501 Triple-S PR donated money to a beneficent and we congratulate them on their generosity. The event finished with the farewell and the acknowledgement to all who contributed to the success of the event. The festival became part of the lists of the successful events of PRALK.

We want the kpop fandom of Puerto Rico to work just like those who participated and worked together to win at the balloon game even though they were from different fandoms. The festival was able to succeed because of team work and the festival has become an evidence of the possibility of the kpop fandom in Puerto Rico coming together to bring a kpop event to Puerto Rico no matter what group it is. The day of the festival was a long and work full one but it’s filled with many fond memories. We hope to be able to do another festival in the near future and be able to count on many more groups for support. Thank you very mucho to all who contributed to the success of this event.

We present to you all the table of the Kpop Festival 2013 of PRALK, the hosts of the event K-ZONE, the administrator of PRALK and the organizers of the festival. We hope you all continue to support Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop, and we advise you all to stay tune to our group and Facebook Page’s posts for news of our future events.

For more information about the groups that were in charge of the tables in the festival and be able to contact them, you can check out the article in which the links of their groups/pages are provided.


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