Actor Gong Yoo in Puerto Rico (Update + Fan Account + Video + Pictures)

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As we had reported earlier, Gong Yoo is currently on the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico shooting scenes for the movie ” The Suspect”. He was spotted in the restaurant called Nagazaki in Bayamon, Puerto Rico Wednesday night. Since then, we have received information about fans who went to the movie shooting in San Juan yesterday, and were able to see the actor up close. The movie was being shot at the San Cristobal Castle in the Old San Juan.  Fortunately, I was able to get to the location of the shooting and my experience was great.


Fan Account:

I got to Old San Juan at 3:00pm and it took an hour for me to finally find parking. The Old San Juan is always filled with tourists and it’s always a challenge finding parking. I was informed that Gong Yoo had left and I was very disappointed, but since I hadn’t gone to the San Cristobal Castle in a while, I decided to take a look. I went to the front register to pay my ticket in, and the person in charge immediately asked me if I came to see the famous actor that was shooting the movie. I guess I wasn’t the first one that had been there for that exact same reason. I told her yes but that they had informed me that he had already left. The person at the register then told me that Gong Yoo was still filming inside. I was excited because I could finally see Gong Yoo in person. I really loved Coffee Prince and was so happy when he came back from the army and stared as the protagonist of the drama Big. So I went to the little group that was waiting in front of his dressing room and saw some friends. After about an hour, he came out from shooting a scene and passed by us. Then we waited for him to go to the next filming location to finally be able to say hello to him. One of the people in charge, which I think was the promoter, gave us instructions as to where to stand for Gong Yoo to pass by.  He told us to make two lines, one on the right and the other on the left, for Gong Yoo to pass in between us. He cooperated with us and was very nice. I was so excited to at least be able to meet one of my favorite actors up close. Gong Yoo was very nice when he came out and started walking towards the next filming location. He was smiling and walked slowly to say hi to everyone. He shook hands with various people, including me, and was very charismatic.  I have to give a big thank you to the great fans who respected Gong Yoo’s space and did not grab him nor disrespect him in any way. I have seen many fan videos, and I was scared for him, but everyone that was there did exactly as they were told, and gave Gong Yoo a lot of space when he was passing by. Then the group proceeded to the next filming location, which was the entrance of the San Cristobal Castle, to see Gong Yoo in action. Once in a while he would look towards the fans and smile. The promoter told us where to stand every time they would shoot a new scene and we moved 2-3 times. It was over approximately at 6:00pm and  we were all still very excited. Gong Yoo proceeded to go back into the castle but not without offering great fan service. He waved, threw kisses and made a heart shape with his hands to the fans as he walked back into the castle. We are very excited and unable to believe that our oppa from South Korea was actually on our beautiful island, and we had just meet him. It was a great experience.


I was very proud to see how respectful and cooperative the fans from Puerto Rico were. They really did a great job. Many of them became his fans by watching his drama Coffee Prince. The drama was transmitted in 2011 in Puerto Rico and will be televised again April 15 at 1:00pm through the channel Puerto Rico TV. Gong Yoo was humble and very nice to his fan, and we thank him for it. I hope he has a great time on our island and, I wish him success in his future endeavors. Here are some pictures and videos of the fans encounter with Gong Yoo.

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Credit and thanks to:

Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop

Cheska Marie, Olga Gisela, Roxana Marrero, Helena Bachour and Yarira Coral Reyes Martin (pictures)

K-Zone (pictures)


8 thoughts on “Actor Gong Yoo in Puerto Rico (Update + Fan Account + Video + Pictures)

  1. For real I feel so proud of us cuz we made him keep that smile that he got from the beginning of when he noticed that he got fans here :’)

  2. Gracias por la información. Es bueno saber que actores coreano comiencen a ver en Puerto Rico un destino hermoso, ya sea para filmar sus proyectos o para pasar sus vacaciones. Lo que lamento es no haber estado allí.

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