My Review on Girls’ Generation 3rd Album The Boys!

Oh! Gee Girls’ Generation! This comeback is GG*. You are all definitely genies for bringing the boys out with an amazing comeback song! You see what I did there? For those of you who do not know, SM Entertainment s Girls Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) released their third Korean album The Boys on October 19, 2011.

Their comeback song The Boys was amazing? Well, it’s true. The beat and melody was spot on. People say it’s a new approach to their old catchy and addictive songs but still, I think it’s addictive. Along with a great producer like Teddy Riley, this is probably one of the top comeback songs for me. Teddy Riley is without doubt a great composer but fans shouldn’t t rely on his name too much. Riley is like the icing on the cake. The cake, which is the girls, is what’s important. In addition, have you seen the music video? The girls looked gorgeous. Their dance, synchronization, and everything in the video was top notch.

If this album was a roller coaster ride, The Boys would be a thrilling high drop right down to flat land. And this flat land is the rest of the songs in the album with just a few exciting drops here and there. Telepathy and Say Yes were simply upbeat pop songs, nothing new; in fact, there are similar ones that can be found in previous albums. My J sounded like it was taken straight out of an Asian drama series (I wouldn’t t put it pass them to use it for a drama) but it was a decent song nonetheless. It’s nice to see the girls take on songwriting/composing opportunities, the better to showcase the girls numerous talents. Sooyoung tried her hand at writing the lyrics for How Great Is Your Love. However, the melody of the song was too simple that it didn’t t stand out on its own unlike Sunflower 

TrickOscar and Vitamin were some of the songs I enjoyed more. Vitamin was a happy pop song that felt destined for a healthy vitamin commercial. While Trick and Oscar were more serious dance pop songs that were in a similar style to their Japanese song Bad Girl. But, there lies a problem within the middle of the album; Oscar and Top Secret have very similar tunes. The beats are almost the same that I didn’t t even notice when the song changed. This was a bad move to put the two songs side by side especially if you always go through the album. Thank goodness Riley didn’t t use the same beat.

Let’s just think for a moment here, we’re talking about Girls Generation, SNSD, So Nyuh Shi Dae here. This is the very group that has their own Wikipedia page just to highlight their awards and nominations, the very group that has made billions of dollars for their record label. They are possibly the top girl group in Asia, and if not the top, they are at least in the top three. Expectations are high for this album and giving fans an album with songs like these is slightly disappointing. But this fandom is like gambling; the more popular the girls are the higher the stakes, the higher the anticipation. And believe me, this album was highly anticipated and hyped just like betting a large sum of money.

I Give Girls’ Generation 3rd Album The Boys A 4 Out Of 5!

Picture  Written by Rafael Colón



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