Picture   So the awesome Kim Sun Ah is back! This drama is about a shoe designer director who is in her early 30’s and has the worst personality ever. Her employees even called her Medusa! Hwang Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) in one of her lonely nights gets drunk and has a one-night-stand with Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) a young guy who is a shoe imitation trader. Meanwhile, Ji An parents are trying to get her married, so they set a blind date with obstetrician Jo Eun Sung ( Park Gun Hyang). This doctor, also in his 30’s, has no intentions to get married, but since she’s just like him, he found her very attractive and start to pursue her.    Do you think this three will makes us laugh, cry, get angry, and fall in love? The answer is: yes! As the relationships developed your smile will get bigger and bigger! Ji An is cruel, mean and with a sharp tongue. Tae Kang is sweet, playful, childish, but knows how to take revenge on someone else! With those two you’ll have enough fun! Plus, the rest of the cast: doctor, employees, parents; make the humorous journey complete.

I’m an old time fan of actress Kim Sun Ah. Her acting in this drama is excellent, like always! And, also, I envy her ’cause she gets to act with the most handsome koreans actors!!!! So far I can give a thumbs up to this drama! You know what to do right now?! GO WATCH IT!!!!!! You can watch this drama at www.viki.com

By Mariela Santiago


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